Frequently Asked Questions

Q! In what order does the Cassandra Farbanks Series go?

Sonnet: It starts with Soul Market, next is Lost Innocents, then Skin Thief, Inhuman Heritage, Silent Doll, Deadly Sin, Maternal Bones and the latest release Venetian Moon. This is eight in total. The ninth Cassandra book will be self published in the summer 2017.

Q! Where is the Cassandra Farbanks Series set?

Sonnet: It's set in my home town, Worcester in England and an alternative version of the same city.

Q! Why are the paperbacks so expensive?

Sonnet: The paperbacks through my publisher are print on demand trade paperbacks, this regrettably makes them more expensive than Mass Market. Unfortunately I can only control the prices at which my self published titles are set. Sorry.

Q! When will the next Cassandra Farbanks book be out?

Sonnet: As soon as I'm done writing it ;)

Q! Can you tell me what's going to happen next?

Sonnet: Nope. That would be cheating. If there is one thing I don't like doing, its giving spoilers.

Q! How long is the series?

Sonnet: I'm aiming for about ten books all together in the series. I'm pretty sure of where Cassandra's story is going.

I'm also currently working on some shorter series - The Clockwatcher Series, The Cera Raine Series and just about to start publishing the Mistral Cove Series.

Q! Do you have anything non series I can read?

Sonnet: Sure. I have five adult romances - Triton Rising, Mistakenly Mated, Magically Mated, Whispers in a Dead Man's Ear and Intimate Invasions. I also have three young adult books - The Morning Afterlife, More Than Mortal and The Demon's Bayou.

Q! Where can I learn more about you? your work?

Sonnet: Apart from what I post of my blog, I have my own website. www.sonnetodell.co.uk
My website contains samples of other projects, reviews, a whole section on my series and other works. Also competitions and freebies. I'm also on facebook and twitter: @SonnetODell

Q! Is Sonnet O'Dell your real name?

Sonnet: Lol. No I'm afraid its a pen name. I'd tell you my real name...but then I'd have to kill you : D

Q! Can I write Cassandra Fan Fiction?

Sonnet: Sure as long as you remember that the characters are copyrighted and that it must be non profit. I'd also love to read it if you do; so send me a link :)

Q! Dusty Pages reviews, can I recommend something/send something to be reviewed?

Sonnet: You can recommend something but I wouldn't send me anything.I have a very large to read pile as it is and can't guarantee when or if I can get around to doing your review.

Have a question you want answered? Feel free to contact me via the contact form here or you can email me directly at:
 sonnetodell [at] hotmail [dot] com

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